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TCS CodeVita

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Event Dates and Times

All times are the University's Local Time (EST).
DATE: January 23, 2022
BEGINS: 03:15 PM
ENDS: 03:16 PM
DATE: April 18, 2022
BEGINS: 05:15 PM
ENDS: 05:16 PM
DATE: Jan 21, 2022
TIME: 3:15 PM

If you have questions regarding this event feel free to contact:

NAME: Jordan Hunt
PHONE: 9178912558

Event Details:

Dear Coding Enthusiasts,

Are you a coding connoisseur who loves a challenge and a chance to win $10,000?!

Showcase your skills in the world’s largest programming contest!

We are excited to share that TCS CodeVita, the World's Largest Programming Contest, is back for our 10th season! CodeVita is a contest where individuals across the globe participate and compete to win the coveted "World's Best Coder" title and a top prize of $10,000!

Last season, students from 98 countries participated in this coding phenomenon and the United States had its first winner. YOU could be next!!

What’s in it for you?

•       The opportunity to be ranked as a global top coder

•       A chance to win $10,000

•       Competition and networking with the best coders in the world

•       Chance to travel to India for the LIVE Grand Finale

Begin your journey to global coding domination and register for CodeVita today by visiting: