Kristin Dill

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Administrative Clerk

How did you get here? I graduated from Purdue in 2020 and wanted to find a position that would allow me to grow as a person and stay connected to this wonderful campus!


What do you like most about working at the CCO? The people!  Our staff, interns, and peer consultants are wonderful and everyone is so warm and welcoming.


Fun Fact: Jupiter is my favorite planet.  A fun fact about Jupiter is that even though the planet is visible to the naked eye and likely humans have been able to see it since the dawn of time, the first recorded sighting was not until 7th or 8th B.C.  Which is also about 1600 years before Galileo first discovered Jupiter’s largest 4 moons (Jupiter has about 67 confirmed moons).


Favorite Things: Books, music, video games, my dogs


Quote you live by: “A room without books is like a body without a soul” –Cicero

“If you want to be happy, be” -Tolstoy