Susan Brown

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Director for Operations, Strategic Initiatives and Data Analytics

HOW DID YOU GET  HERE? After many years of working in financial management positions, I decided to came to terms with the fact that I would find greater satisfaction in work that involved counseling, advising or helping students in a practical way.  Twenty years after getting my bachelor’s in Business, I went back to get my master’s in school counseling.  My hope was to remain at Purdue and to jump over to a different career track.  I didn’t even know about the Center for Career Opportunities at the time.  When a position came open and I researched the CCO, I was thrilled with the opportunity to help students in their career development and to assist employers in their efforts to source them.  It is a place that seems to pull from all my skill-sets…and then some!


WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WORKING AT THE CCO? I enjoy collaborating on a team of highly effective and hardworking colleagues who are diverse in experience and skills.  Most of us have a lot of the same responsibilities (such as counseling students, giving presentations, critiquing job search documents, and strategizing with employers) and we also take on projects that match other interests and abilities.  Having a lot of fun doing it, is something we all value.


FAVORITE THINGS: The best part about my life is the people in it. And my small dog, Max, of course, who is the embodiment of playfulness and devotion. I most enjoy spending time with family and friends - having meaningful conversations and doing a variety of fun and adventurous activities. I also enjoy running, cycling and swimming, and the benefits of doing these three sports regularly. I love travel and new experiences, learning, green smoothies, dining outside, gummy bears, power tools, and laughter.


QUOTE YOU LIVE BY: "The place God has for you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." -Frederick Buechner


ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: Hang out with people who inspire you in different ways. Practice courage. Consider all experiences as opportunities for growth and becoming the best version of yourself.