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Choose A Major and Plan Your Career!

The model below shows key parts of Career Decision-Making. Click on the circles in the model to access resources.
Planning your career is a lifelong expedition.

Would you like to talk one-on-one with a career consultant? Call 765-494-3981 or stop by YONG 132 to make an appointment.

  • Jill B

    "With the Career Services Consultant's help, I explored career interests, shadowed and talked with a professional writer, and felt more comfortable taking action to change my academic focus... Just having someone I could trust to talk to about my college career lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. I honestly couldn't be happier--thanks, in many ways, to the support of the CCO!"

    Jill B., Undergraduate, College of Liberal Arts

  • "This has really been a critical time in my life, and I don't think I would have come out of it as confident as I am without the CCO`s help. Thanks to the help of the Career Services Consultant, I feel like I have actually chosen my path this time, based on actual research and self-assessment..."

    Kari F., PhD 2013, College of Science

  • Clara

    [My career counselor] helped me utilize the incredible amount of resources at Purdue that I otherwise would have been lost to figure out for myself. When I was in need of career mentors, she helped me get connected with professors and department faculty who could advise me, and when I was looking for a research position, she again encouraged and looked out for me.

    Clara S., BS 2016

  • Courtney

    The CCO is more than just "resume help", contrary to what most students think. For me, the CCO built a career path--both academically, and socially. It helped me connect to people that I otherwise never would have met, as well as get my education on the right track to success. I would definitely recommend the CCO to anyone trying to figure out what they want out of a career, or out of college.

    Courtney (Computer Information Technology, May 2016)


Click on the circles in the model to find resources.

Career Model Gain Relevant Experience Identify Strengths Evaluate, Plan, and Act! Explore Careers Look Into Majors

Test and build your interest and ability in different careers.

Career Assessments to identify personality characteristics, interests, and values.

Tools to Evaluate Your Options and Create Action Steps

Resources to relate careers to majors.

Resources to provide specific information on majors.