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Choosing a Major
Holland Occupational Themes - Conventional

Conventional Conventional Overview:

Well Organized
Numerically Inclined
Work Well Within a System
Do a Lot of Paperwork in a Short Time
Keep Accurate Records
Use a Computer Terminal
Write Effective Business Letters
Follow Clearly Defined Procedures
Use Data Processing Equipment
Work with Numbers
Type or Take Shorthand
Be Responsible for Details

If you think any of the above reflects you, then check out some possible major and career possibilities below!

Major Possibilities: Career Possibilities:
 Conventional Enterprising    Accounting
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Actuarial Science
Artistic Conventional Enterprising    Advertising
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Aeronautical Engineering Technology
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Agribusiness
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Agricultural Economics
 Conventional Enterprising    Air Traffic Control
 Conventional Enterprising    Aviation Management
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Building Construction Management Technology
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Business
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Chemistry
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Civil Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Computer and Information Technology
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Computer Engineering
Artistic Conventional   Realistic  Computer Graphics Technology
 Conventional  Investigative   Computer Sciences
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Construction Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Criminal Justice
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Economics
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Electrical Engineering Technology
Artistic Conventional    Social Elementary Education
Artistic Conventional Enterprising Investigative Realistic Social Environmental and Ecological Engineering
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Environmental Geosciences
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Environmental Health Sciences
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Environmental Studies
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Farm Management
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Finance
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Financial Counseling and Planning
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Food Science
Artistic Conventional    Social General Education Curriculum and Instruction
Artistic Conventional    Social General Education Educational Studies
 Conventional  Investigative  Social General Health Sciences
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Horticulture Science
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Hospitality and Tourism Management
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Human Resources
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Human Services
 Conventional Enterprising    Industrial Distribution
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Industrial Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Industrial Management
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Industrial Technology
 Conventional Enterprising   Social International Business
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Law and Society
 Conventional Enterprising    Management
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Artistic Conventional  Investigative   Mathematics
Artistic Conventional    Social Mathematics Education
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Mechanical Engineering
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Medical Laboratory Sciences
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Multidisciplinary Engineering
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Natural Resources and Environmental Science
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Natural Resources Planning and Decision Making
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Nuclear Engineering
 Conventional  Investigative  Social Nursing
 Conventional   Realistic  Occupational Health Sciences
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Organizational Leadership and Supervision
 Conventional  Investigative  Social Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative Realistic Social Planetary Sciences
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Pre-Environmental Studies
 Conventional  Investigative  Social Prepharmacy
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Retail Management
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Sales and Marketing
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Selling and Sales Management
 Conventional  Investigative   Statistics - Applied Statistics
 Conventional  Investigative   Statistics with Mathematics Option
Artistic Conventional  Investigative Realistic Social Studio Arts and Technology
Artistic Conventional Enterprising Investigative Realistic Social Supply Chain, Information and Analytics
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Sustainable Agronomic Systems
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Turf Science and Management
Artistic Conventional   Realistic  Visual Communications Design
 Conventional  Investigative Realistic  Wood Products Manufacturing Technology
Administrative Assistant
Air Traffic Controller
Bank Teller, Manager
Business Teacher
Computer Analyst
Computer Programmer
Computer Operator
Computer Science Teacher
Corrections Officer
Cost Analyst
Court Reporter
Credit Analyst
Customer Service Representative
Detective/Police Officer
Financial Analyst
Fire Inspector
Industrial Arts Teacher
Insurance Agent
Inventory Controller
Market Research Analyst
Mathematics Teacher
Paralegal Assistant
Quality Analyst
Real Estate Title Examiner
Safety Inspector
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Tax Consultant
Travel Agent
Transit Manager

Adapted from John Holland's Occupational Themes