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Choosing a Major
Holland Occupational Themes - Enterprising

Enterprising Enterprising Overview:

Self Confident
Initiate Projects
Convince People To Do Things Your Way
Sell Things
Give Talks or Speeches
Organize Activities and Events
Lead a Group
Make Decisions Affecting Others
Be Elected To An Offi ce
Win A Leadership or Sales Award
Start Your Own Service or Business
Participate In A Political Campaign
Meet Important People

If you think any of the above reflects you, then check out some possible major and career possibilities below!

Major Possibilities: Career Possibilities:
 Conventional Enterprising    Accounting
Artistic  Enterprising    Acting
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Actuarial Science
Artistic Conventional Enterprising    Advertising
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Agribusiness
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Agricultural Communication
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Agricultural Economics
  Enterprising  Realistic Social Agricultural Education
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Agricultural Engineering
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Agricultural Systems Management
 Conventional Enterprising    Air Traffic Control
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Apparel Design and Technology
  Enterprising  Realistic Social Applied Exercise and Health
 Conventional Enterprising    Aviation Management
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Biological and Food Process Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Building Construction Management Technology
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Business
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Communication
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Computer and Information Technology
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Corporate Communication
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Criminal Justice
  Enterprising Investigative  Social Developmental and Family Science
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Economics
Artistic Conventional Enterprising Investigative Realistic Social Environmental and Ecological Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Farm Management
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Fashion Design
Artistic  Enterprising    Film and Theatre Production
Artistic  Enterprising    Film and Video Studies
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Finance
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Financial Counseling and Planning
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Flight
  Enterprising Investigative  Social Foods and Nutrition in Business
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Forestry
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Graphic Design
  Enterprising Investigative  Social Health/Physical Education
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Horticulture Science
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Hospitality and Tourism Management
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Human Relations Communication
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Human Resources
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Human Services
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Industrial Design
 Conventional Enterprising    Industrial Distribution
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Industrial Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative   Industrial Management
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Interior Design
 Conventional Enterprising   Social International Business
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Journalism
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Law and Society
 Conventional Enterprising    Management
Artistic  Enterprising Investigative   Marketing
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Mass Communication
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Materials Engineering
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Natural Resources Planning and Decision Making
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Artistic  Enterprising Investigative   Prelaw
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Professional Flight Technology
  Enterprising   Social Public Health Promotion
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Retail Management
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Sales and Marketing
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Selling and Sales Management
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Social Studies Education
Artistic Conventional  Investigative Realistic Social Studio Arts and Technology
Artistic Conventional Enterprising Investigative Realistic Social Supply Chain, Information and Analytics
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Theatre
Artistic  Enterprising  Realistic  Theatre Design and Production
 Conventional Enterprising  Realistic  Turf Science and Management
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Undecided Liberal Arts
  Enterprising Investigative Realistic  Wildlife
Advertising Executive
Campaign Manager
Claims Adjuster
Communications Manager
Field Representative
Industrial Engineer
Insurance Underwriter
Labor Arbitrator
Logistics Planner
Market Analyst
Manufacturer's Representative
Production Manager
Public Administrator
Public Relations Specialist
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Radio-TV Announcer
Real Estate Agent
Retail Manager
Sales Rep/Manager
School Principal
Systems Analyst
Trade Association Director
Sports Information Director
Technical Instructor

Adapted from John Holland's Occupational Themes