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Choosing a Major
Holland Occupational Themes - Social

Socail Social Overview:

Teach/Train Others
Express Yourself Clearly
Lead a Group Discussion
Mediate Disputes
Plan and Supervise an Activity
Cooperate Well with Others
Work in Groups
Help People with Problems
Participate in Meetings
Do Volunteer Service
Work with Young People
Plan Team Sports

If you think any of the above reflects you, then check out some possible major and career possibilities below!

Major Possibilities: Career Possibilities:
Artistic   Investigative  Social African American Studies
  Enterprising  Realistic Social Agricultural Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social American Studies
  Enterprising  Realistic Social Applied Exercise and Health
Artistic     Social Art Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social Art History
Artistic   Investigative  Social Asian Studies
   Investigative Realistic Social Athletic Training
   Investigative  Social Biology - Biology Education
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Business
   Investigative  Social Chemistry - Chemistry Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social Classical Studies
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Communication
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Corporate Communication
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Criminal Justice
  Enterprising Investigative  Social Developmental and Family Science
   Investigative  Social Dietetics
   Investigative Realistic Social Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health (Dual major)
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs
Artistic   Investigative  Social Earth/Space Science Teaching
Artistic Conventional    Social Elementary Education
   Investigative Realistic Social Engineering/Technology Teacher Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social English
Artistic   Investigative  Social English Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social Family and Consumer Sciences Education
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Finance
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Financial Counseling and Planning
Artistic    Realistic Social Fine Arts
  Enterprising Investigative  Social Foods and Nutrition in Business
Artistic   Investigative  Social French
Artistic Conventional    Social General Education Curriculum and Instruction
Artistic Conventional    Social General Education Educational Studies
 Conventional  Investigative  Social General Health Sciences
Artistic   Investigative  Social German
  Enterprising Investigative  Social Health/Physical Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social History
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Hospitality and Tourism Management
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Human Relations Communication
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Human Resources
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Human Services
 Conventional Enterprising   Social International Business
Artistic   Investigative  Social Italian Studies
Artistic   Investigative  Social Japanese
Artistic   Investigative  Social Jewish Studies
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Journalism
Artistic   Investigative  Social Linguistics
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Mass Communication
Artistic Conventional    Social Mathematics Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social Medieval and Renaissance Studies
   Investigative Realistic Social Movement and Sport Sciences
 Conventional  Investigative  Social Nursing
   Investigative  Social Nutrition Science
   Investigative Realistic Social Nutrition, Fitness, and Health
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Organizational Leadership and Supervision
 Conventional  Investigative  Social Pharmaceutical Sciences
Artistic   Investigative  Social Philosophy
   Investigative Realistic Social Physical Education
   Investigative Realistic Social Physics Education
 Conventional Enterprising Investigative Realistic Social Planetary Sciences
Artistic   Investigative  Social Political Science
   Investigative Realistic Social Predentistry
   Investigative  Social Premedicine
   Investigative  Social Preoccupational Therapy
 Conventional  Investigative  Social Prepharmacy
   Investigative  Social Prephysical Therapy
   Investigative  Social Prephysician's Assistant
   Investigative Realistic Social Preveterinary Medicine
Artistic   Investigative  Social Professional Writing
Artistic   Investigative  Social Psychological Sciences
  Enterprising   Social Public Health Promotion
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy
   Investigative Realistic Social Radiological Health Sciences
Artistic   Investigative  Social Religious Studies
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Retail Management
Artistic   Investigative  Social Russian
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Sales and Marketing
 Conventional Enterprising   Social Selling and Sales Management
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Social Studies Education
Artistic   Investigative  Social Sociology
Artistic   Investigative  Social Spanish
Artistic   Investigative  Social Special Ed
Artistic   Investigative  Social Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences - Preprofessional
Artistic   Investigative  Social Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences - Pre-research
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Theatre
Artistic  Enterprising   Social Undecided Liberal Arts
Artistic   Investigative  Social Women's Studies
Art/Music Therapist
Child Care Worker
Extension Agent
Environmental Health Engineer
Educational Administrator
Foreign Service Officer
Interior Designer
Kindergarten Teacher
Mortgage Loan Consultant
Community Service Administrator
Customer Service Representative
Occupational Therapist
Parole Officer
Personnel Interviewer
Physical Fitness Expert
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Service Officer
Sales Representative
Social Worker
Speech & Audiologist Ed.
Youth Service Director
Telecomm. Operator

Adapted from John Holland's Occupational Themes