Don't Get Scammed! - Watch for fraudulent job offers.

Here are some good tips that a job is probably a scam:

  • You must give your credit card or bank account numbers, or copies of personal documents - but you get nothing in writing
  • You must send payment by wire service or courier.
  • You are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account - often for depositing checks or transferring money.
  • You receive an unexpectedly large check.
  • Spelling and grammar errors may indicate that the listing was written by someone with a limited knowledge of English. Many scams have international origins.
  • Look at the real URL, (put your pointer over the link and see where it's REALLY going), not the displayed URL. Is it going to a logical website? Is a major bank or corporation likely to have its website at AOL or Yahoo? Are legitimate companies likely to use international websites, such as .ru (Russia) or .cn (China)? Check the international source of the message at Domain Name Sources
  • If a job posting includes such statements, do not respond and notify immediately.
  • Consider doing your own web search on Google or Yahoo or another search engine of your choice. Do the websites, email addresses and phone numbers match with those you find listed? If not, you may be dealing with a scammer.