Cristy Gosney

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Senior Pre-Professional Advisor

HOW DID YOU GET  HERE? I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University, where I majored in English and Creative Writing. I completed a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. For the last ten years, I’ve worked at Purdue, primarily in advising and program management. 


WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? I enjoy interacting with students and helping them to achieve their academic and professional goals. 


WHAT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL JOB YOU EVER HAD? In graduate school, I took a summer clerical job in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences to help make ends meet. Although the job duties were to file, answer phone and email inquiries, and other office support tasks in the Dean’s Office, I was asked to write a piece for the alumni magazine when the Dean learned of my writing experience. The time spent interviewing, researching, and drafting the piece was one of the highlights of that summer. Although it wasn’t an unusual job, it was a job that unexpectedly allowed me to meet interesting people and work on a challenging project.


FAVORITE THINGS: I enjoy knitting, reading and writing, gardening and listening to bluegrass in my spare time.


QUOTE YOU LIVE BY: I don’t live by a quote, but my favorite line is “rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!” in the poem “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop.


ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: Push yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Don’t let opportunities pass you by out of fear of the unknown.