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International Jobs Portal

Purdue’s exclusive International Jobs Portal powered by GradConnection. Use this site for- 

  • Access to hundreds of pre-vetted jobs and internships
  • Employer information with embedded multi-media links
  • Integrated calendar feature to plan your search
  • Links to apply directly at the employer site  

Career Research Portal

This site provides access to Purdue subscribed databases for employer research, career guides, job boards, major resources, and employment data.


Find American firms and their locations in other countries and firms based in other countries with locations in the United States.


This site provides Career guides, global job and internship searches, a comprehensive database of worldwide employers, and customized search engine instantly queries thousands of US Department of Labor visa applications.

Note: if you have a hard time access this resource, click the link on the Libraries A-Z list and find Goinglobal there., founded by immigrants in 2006, is an information portal and online community for visa job hunters around the world. Its major services include annual and quarterly Reports for H1B Visa and Green Card, Customized H1B Visa Solution, Visa Sponsor Profile, Candidate Profile, Resume Service and Smart Apply for job applicants.

SEVP Employer Data

The data included on this page has been extracted from SEVIS. It provides an overview of SEVP-certified schools, as well as active international students and exchange visitors during a specific calendar year. This data is updated annually. Find information on employers that hire students with CPT/OPT for internships or full-time jobs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for "employer data" section.


This resource is provided by a China-based company named Lockin China. This company has gained popularity in its services to connect and help recruit especially CHINESE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in exciting, fulfilling jobs in China after they graduate from universities and colleges outside of China.

Web resource that walks students through moving to and living in the United States, providing insight into cultural norms, educational requirements, visa logistics and additional resources to support transition and adjustment.

H1-B Visa

This guide includes extensive information about what is a H1-B visa, and breaks down the application process, average salaries, occupation eligibility and top positions for H1-B visa workers, and more.

International Student

Compilation of a number of helpful resources. We know that you already have enough fees to worry about with your education; this is why the majority of resources are offered are free!

U.S. Department of Labor's Certification Data Disclosure (click on FLC Case Data)

Find companies who hired employees on H1B visa.




College entrance exam board. (2012). International student handbook 2013: All-new 26th edition. The College Board.

This resource includes information on 2,900 colleges, incorporating each school’s “international profile.” This guide covers financial aid, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) requirements, housing availability, and special services for international students. It includes step-by-step guidelines on how to prepare for and apply to colleges in the United States, find financial aid and obtain a student visa. This resource is valuable for both career counselors, as well as international students.

Davis, Jay and Garrod, Andrew (1999). Crossing customs: International students write on US college life and culture. New York: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group.

Thirteen international students from various countries write on their experiences at Dartmouth College and share their perspective on U.S. college culture and life based on their experience.

Lipson, C., & Goodman, A.E. (2008). Succeeding as an international student in the US and Canada. Illinois: The University of Chicago Press.

Succeeding is designed to help students navigate the myriad issues they will encounter—from picking a program to landing a campus job. Based on Lipson’s work with international students as well as extensive interviews with faculty and advisers, Succeeding includes practical suggestions for learning English, participating in class, and meeting with instructors. In addition it explains the rules of academic honesty as they are understood in U.S. and Canadian universities.