Attending career fairs, hosting information sessions and participating in on-campus recruitment are some of the more popular ways to build your presence on campus. The CCO offers other unique opportunities to meet Purdue students and your recruiting success can be greatly enhanced by expanding your recruiting strategy to include involvement in these activities.

Host an Information Session

An information session allows organizations to communicate their brand and mission, and describe employment opportunities and career paths to potential candidates. While an information session is typically used to complement an on-campus recruitment (OCR) schedule, it can also be a stand-alone event.


What type of information session you hold and when you hold it will largely depend on the purpose of your event.

Create Awareness

Some companies hold information sessions to create awareness of the organization. This type of information session can be held several weeks prior to your interview date or even without a scheduled interview date as an effective way to:

  • Increase your campus presence and visiblity
  • Stimulate interest by providing a company and career path overview
  • Communicate your recruitment process to candidates
  • Collect resumes from potential candidates

Maximize Interview Time

This type of session is most effective when scheduled the night before your interview date. This session can be used to:

  • Meet candidates in an informal setting prior to one-on-one interviews to reduce nervousness for the candidates
  • Explain details about your recruiting process to students who have signed up for interviews
  • Address topics such as your corporate culture, benefits packages and other topics that would take up valuable interview time
  • Talk to candidates who did not submit a resume in advance to fill available interview slots on your schedule


Due to space limitations, Information Sessions are not held at the CCO (Young Hall) nor are they scheduled through the CCO.

  • To schedule an information session, click on this link. There is a charge to reserve space for your information session. Reservations should be made at least four weeks in advance to secure your first choice of dates.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your reservation is confirmed by the University Calendar Office, a conference coordinator will be assigned to your event to arrange catering, audiovisual needs, room set-up and storage of your materials. To reach your conference coordinator, please call (800) 359-2968.


With over 300 employer information sessions being conducted during the fall and spring semesters, there is a great deal of competition for student attention. While information sessions do provide an opportunity to build your company’s presence on campus, students will not simply show up without effort on your part. We encourage you to consider the purpose of your information session and then publicize it appropriately.

  • If your information session is scheduled in conjunction with your interview date, it will be publicized to students online on the myCCO calendar, the student’s version of MyCCO@Purdue. This is only done if your information session was coordinated through the Calendar Office.
  • You can invite student organizations to your information session to increase attendance.
  • If your event is open, you may want to advertise your session in The Exponent, the independent student newspaper. Ads placed the day before or on the day of the presentation seem to get the most response.
  • Request a customized resume search in advance and personally invite candidates you find to be a good fit for your position(s).


  • PUBLICIZE, PUBLICIZE, PUBLICIZE. Just in case you didn't catch it the first time, publicizing your event is critical. The CCO will post the event in MyCCO@Purdue, however, due to the sheer number of information sessions held at Purdue University, we are not able to market each information session nor do we maintain an RSVP list.
  • INVITE POTENTIAL CANDIDATES. If you are holding an information session the night before your interviews for candidates only, it is strongly suggested that you email all students on your schedules to invite them to attend. NOTE: Mandatory evening events are strongly discouraged. Students may have evening classes and exams that conflict with evening events.
  • EDUCATE AND ENTERTAIN. Students say the best information sessions:
    • Last only about an hour
    • Offer an opportunity for Q&A or one-on-one discussions
    • Include information about the company besides what is available on the website
    • Include personal accounts from recent hires about what it is like to work for the company
    • The promise of food always boosts attendance

DON'T FORGET: If you would like advice about whether to hold an information session, please contact your Employer Coordinator.