Congratulations! You have toiled through the application process and your hard work has FINALLY paid off because you just received an interview request! After you've danced, called your parents, and shouted for joy, go back and read the interview offer carefully and send an email, thanking your contact for the invitation and accepting the offer to interview. Depending on how your contact wants to interview you, you may be speaking through Skype, the phone or in-person.


  • Know your contact. If you have the name of your contact, look her/him up on LinkedIn.
  • Revise & review your resume. Customize your resume to the specific position. Make sure you are intimately familiar with each section of your resume and are prepared to be questioned about each item.
  • Fill your binder. How many people are you going to be interviewed by? Double that number in printouts of your resume. Also print out your company research and read it before the interview.
  • Prepare your elevator pitch. It is almost certain you will be asked some version of the "So tell me about yourself" question. Make the most of your answer by touching briefly on your background, relevant experiences and how they relate to the organization and position in 30-40 seconds.
  • Don't be late. If you're doing a phone or skype interview, make sure you have found a quite space that has a reliable phone/wifi connection. If you're traveling to the interview, drive to the location the day before in order to see how long it takes you to get to the company and plan to arrive early on the big day.


Explore the Practice the STAR Method page to understand what questions employers are likely to ask and how you can best answer them. Then, check out Interview Stream by logging into your myCCO account and clicking on the "Big Interview" link (under the Shortcuts column on the right hand side of your myCCO dashboard).

Big Interview allows you to simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practicing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills through a webcam. Afterwards, you can send your practice interviews to anyone you'd like to get feedback from!

Want even more practice? Once you've completed Interview Stream, you can schedule an appointment with a CCO Career Consultant for an mock interview.