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Explore Majors and Careers

The Career Compass below shows key parts of Career Decision-Making. Click on the sections in the model to access resources. Planning your career is a lifelong expedition.

Career Decision-Making Gain Relevant Experience Self Assessment Evaluate-Plan-Act Major Exploration Career Exploration


Trying to figure out a major that fits you? Looking for a good career choice? Taking assessments can help you:

  1. Recognize your interests, values, personality, and abilities as well as...
  2. Suggest careers or majors that will utilize your strengths

Assessments cannot tell you the best major or career fit for you. Only you can make the best decision!

Three options for taking assessments to identify your strengths


Take In-Depth Assessments

Available through appointment with a career consultant

Strong Interest Inventory ($10) - Receive 14-23 page report and consultant interpretation to give insight into your interests and help you in deciding on an appropriate career choice.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ($10) - Receive 11 page report and consultant interpretation of your personality preferences and discover career most often chosen by those with similar personalities

Focus 2 Computer Assisted Career Guidance System (free) - Combines 5 self-assessments, career and major exploration, action planning and decision making in one comprehensive product. Receive consultant interpretation of assessments and referrals to appropriate people and resources.


Work Independently

Want to work independently on identifying your strengths and making a career plan?

Career Beam - Create an account and revisit your profile whenever you wish! Comprehensive online self-assessment system which includes 1) interest, personality, and values inventories and self-reflective exercises for defining your personal traits; 2) Career exploration Resources; and 3) Job Search Tools.


Take a Quick Quiz

Take a short interest assessment.

Holland's Theory of Career Choice

O'Net Interest Profiler - 10 Minute Inventory which categorizes your interests into 6 basic areas and gives you suggested careers to explore


Experiences are what we need to either confirm or disprove possible career choices, and are an invaluable part of the Career Decision-Making Process. Below are some ideas to consider and links for opportunities right here at Purdue!



Explore resources that will help you apply your academic coursework to the professional world here!



Ask professors and advisors in your department about undergraduate research opportunities to expand your knowledge and explore new ideas.



Experience what a professional in your field does by participating in 3-5 rotational assignments with a company.

Professional Practice Programs Website


Study Abroad

Expand your experiences, gain global competence and earn college credit in one of 300 programs from 50 different countries.

Study Abroad Website


Student Organizations

Find out which of the 885 student organizations at Purdue interest you.

Student Organizations Website


On-Campus Employment/ Part-Time Work

Work while you are taking classes or purposefully pursue summer employment to develop your career-related skills.


Volunteer Opportunities

Participate in one of the many opportunities for community engagement and service in Tippecanoe County and beyond.

Volunteer Opportunities Website


Service Learning

Apply your classroom experience to make a difference in the community in one of nearly 300 courses offered at Purdue.

Service Learning Website


Each of the four components of the Career Decision-Making Process requires thoughtful evaluation and planning, and meaningful action steps. Below are some potential action steps and prompts for you to stay on track and gauge your progress. 

Self Assessment

Action Steps:

  • Take a career assessment
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor
  • Other:

What I Learned:


Where to go from here:


Look Into Majors

Action Steps:

  • Research majors using on Purdue’s Admissions websites
  • Identify majors that fit your personality, interests, values and skills
  • Talk to academic advisors and upperclassmen about potential majors
  • Other:

What I Learned:


Where to go from here:


Explore Careers

Action Steps:

  • Research careers using web resources such as O*Net
  • Informational interviewing of individuals in the field you are interested in
  • Other:

What I Learned:


Where to go from here:


Gain Relevant Experience

Action Steps:

  • Test an interest through a taking a class
  • Test an interest through a part-time job or internship
  • Test an interest by joining a club or organization
  • Other:

What I Learned:


Where to go from here:



Choosing a major is an important step in your career planning. Regardless of your choice, you will have many career options. While some careers require a specific major, many professions can be entered from a variety of majors.

Researching majors that interest you is an important part of making a good decision.



Learn about majors offered at Purdue to assist you in choosing a career.


Talk To: 


Try It Out!

Take a class: Talk to an academic advisor for recommended classes that introduce you to the major and career options for a semester.

Participate in a student organization.


Need to Change Your Major?

Process for Changing Your Major (CODO) & CODO Requirements


Build your career decisions on accurate information rather than hearsay! Listed below are strategies and tools for obtaining reliable career information.



Read about career possibilities from a number of highly informative websites.


Talk to People in Jobs

Informational interviewing is an excellent way to learn about the day-to-day tasks, required skills, abilities and personality traits needed in a specific career.

Informational Interviewing


Shadow People in Jobs


Gain Experience

Perform a variety of activities to acquire in-depth knowledge of what it is like to work in a particular field.


What is myCCO?

myCCO is a portal where Purdue students and alumni can apply for internships, full-time and part-time opportunities.


How can myCCO help me?

Employers posting jobs, internships, and other opportunities on myCCO want YOU. Using the myCCO service allows you to take advantage of Purdue University’s reputation and vast network of industry connections.

How do I get a myCCO account?

  1. As a first time user enter your PUID as both your user name and password.(NOTE: the first 2 digits MUST be a double zero (00) even if they're not included in your current PUID. For example: 0012345678). Your PUID (with the double zero) will always be your username to log in to myCCO. Once you have completed your myCCO profile, the system will send an email with your "NEW" password.
  2. Read the “Participation Agreement” and “Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy” before clicking “I Agree to Terms.”
  3. Complete all required fields when completing your profile.

Video Instructions


How can I make the most of myCCO? 

Upload Your Resume

  1.        Click on “Resumes ETC” on the top navigation bar.
  2.        Select “Add New.”
  3.        Add a descriptive label to help you remember each document. Employers will not be able to see the label.
  4.        Select your document type. Use “Other Documents” for your transcript.

Edit Profile Privacy to be included in Resume Books and receive emails from myCCO

  1. Resume Books are a feature of myCCO that allows employers to pull resumes from students who meet the criteria of a position they’re looking to fill. If you opt-in for resume books, you have the chance to receive an email or call from an employer about a position!
  2. CCO Career Consultants will email you every time there is an on-campus interviewing opportunity that hasn’t received a lot of applicants so you know about the opportunity. You will also receive the Inside Track-a weekly career newsletter that updates you on career events happening that week.

Search and Apply for Jobs & On-Campus Interviews

  1. Hover on “Jobs” on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on “myCCO Interviews and Job Listings” on the drop-down menu.
  3. Use the search bar and the advanced search options to find job postings relevant you.
  4. Apply to a positing by clicking the “Apply” button and submitting the required documents. For some positions, you may not be able to apply. These positions are on-campus recruitment postings and you must meet all screening criteria, including major, degree, graduation date, and work authorization.
  5. Note: Read the job posting carefully as the employer may refer you to the company website to apply.

Create Job Search Agents

  1. After running an “Advanced Search,” Click “Saved Searches.”
  2. Give your search a title and set a schedule for new job posting to be sent to you.
  3. Select “Yes” for “New Results Only.”
  4. Click “Save.”

Video Instructions

Follow Purdue Internships on Twitter

  1. Purdue Internships keeps you connected to myCCO internship postings on a daily basis!


What else comes with a myCCO account?

  • Live Online Resume, Interview and Job Coaching: Brainfuse Job Now
  • Ability to practice interviewing using Big Interview
  • Access company data using Mergent Online
  • Access to listings of company information sessions
  • Network with company contacts who have recently recruited at Purdue
  • See what companies are coming to upcoming career fairs


Having trouble creating your account?

  • FORGOTTEN PASSWORD: If you think you have an existing account in myCCO but don't remember your PU-ID, email with the subject line: Existing myCCO Account Forgot PU-ID.
  • ALUMNI: If you need to request your PU-ID: Click here to submit the Alumni PU-ID Request form and the CCO will respond to your request within 3-5 business days.
  • FUTURE STUDENT: We look forward to seeing you on campus. Your PU-ID will work at the beginning of the semester that you start your full-time classes.
  • REGIONAL CAMPUS: Students attending any of the Purdue Regional Campuses or Statewide Technology locations pursuing a "Purdue" degree are eligible to utilize myCCO. Please contact your campus Career Services office.
  • POST DOC FELLOWS: Please complete the PU-ID Request form. In the Problem Description area please enter CURRENT POST DOC and the department that currently employs you. Note: When you create your myCCO account, select the graduation year you will finish your post doc position at Purdue University.

Have questions? Please contact the CCO at

I agree to:

Accurate Information: Certify my job search documents to be truthful and accurate

Grant Access: Allow CCO to provide my job search documents to prospective employers

Honor Commitments: Keep all appointments that I've scheduled with employers and CCO Staff

Genuine Interest: Sign up for interviews with only employers with whom I'm interested in working

Professional Conduct: Accept an offer of employment in good faith and immediately notify employers of acceptance or non-acceptance of the offer. Withdraw from interviewing process and no longer pursue positions with other employers

Report Suspicious Inqueries: Understand that job seekers can be deceived by organizations posing as legitimate employers. Evidence of this behavior includes requests for personal information (i.e. social security numbers or credit card numbers) and requests for money. If you're suspicious of such an organization, do not respond to them and please share details with us at

Consequences for Non-Compliance: Accept that failure to adhere to any point in this agreement may result in the removal of my interview privileges in the Center for Career Opportunities

The CCO agrees to:

Provide Services: Assist you with your career decision-making and job search activities

Access of Information: Provide access to a range of career opportunities and types of employers

Non-Discrimination: Provide access and reasonable accommodations to prospective employers without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability

Protect Confidentiality: Exercise sound judgment and fairness in maintaining your confidentiality

Student Advocacy: Respond to employer EEO non-compliance concerns and unethical behavior. Follow-up with those posting suspicious vacancies, when possible, and consult with students and alumni affected by this dubious behavior

On-campus Interviewing: Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy

If you must miss an interview, you are required to cancel it in advance. When you fail to cancel your interviews in a timely fashion or do not appear for your interviews, your actions reflect poorly on you as an individual and on the University as a whole. Not only do you inconvenience the employer, but you may also deprive another student of a valuable interview opportunity. These situations, if unchecked may also have more serious implications on the University's relationships with employers overall.

Therefore, the Center for Career Opportunities treats these incidents very seriously and advises you to take special note of the following Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy.

Interview Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations will NOT be accepted via email or voice mail.
  • Students must appear in person in Young 132 to complete paper work before an interview can be cancelled
  • Students are required to give three business days or 72 hours notice to cancel an interview
  • Always investigate an alternate date with the employer before you cancel an interview
  • It is your responsibility to speak personally with the employer representative and explain why you will not be attending the interview. Be aware, however that the employer may still report you to the CCO
  • If you cancel an appointment directly with an employer, remember to also contact the CCO
  • Regional Campus Students ( Purdue Calumet, IUPUI, Purdue North Central and IUPU Ft Wayne ) are required to work through their Regional Career Services office to cancel interviews. The Regional Campus Liaison will forward the information regarding the cancellation

Sudden Illness or Serious Personal Emergency on Interview Day

  • Students are expected to contact the CCO (765) 494 - 3981 prior to their interview time. Employers check-in between 8 and 8:30 AM and should be notified prior to that time

Employers typically are not in the office on weekends. Monday appointments should be cancelled no later than Friday morning.

If you miss an interview:

  • Your myCCO account will be locked
  • You will receive an e-mail from CCO with instructions to come to Young 132 immediately to resolve this matter
  • You will be required to meet with a walk-in counselor and discuss the reason you missed the business appointment to which you committed
  • The discussion and your reason for missing the interview will determine whether or not your file will be reactivated and if you will have the opportunity to use myCCO in the future.