Trying to figure out a major that fits you? Looking for a good career choice? Taking assessments can help you:

  1. Recognize your interests, values, personality, and abilities as well as...
  2. Suggest careers or majors that will utilize your strengths

Assessments cannot tell you the best major or career fit for you. Only you can make the best decision!

Three options for taking assessments to identify your strengths

Take In-Depth Assessments

Available through appointment with a career consultant

Strong Interest Inventory - Receive 14-23 page report and consultant interpretation to give insight into your interests and help you in deciding on an appropriate career choice.

Focus 2 Computer Assisted Career Guidance System (free) - Combines 5 self-assessments, career and major exploration, action planning and decision making in one comprehensive product. Receive consultant interpretation of assessments and referrals to appropriate people and resources. Use code: boiler

Work Independently

Want to work independently on identifying your strengths and making a career plan?

Roadtrip Nation - Explore different fields with 1) an archive of interviews from industry experts; 2) personalized career exploration tools; and 3)career stories ranging from scientists to professional athletes. Use your Purdue email to create an account, and refer to Purdue school code - PDUECCO.

myStrengths Login with your Purdue Career Account to take The CliftonStrengths for Students® talent assessment and access your unique report.  The CliftonStrengths for Students® talent assessment, based on the concept of intentionally developing your strengths rather than your weaknesses, identifies students’ Top 5 Signature Themes from a list of 34 talents. CliftonStrengths is used across the world in large and small businesses and non-profit organizations. The myStrengths portal provides resources for exploring your Top 5 Themes and how to leverage your strengths to overcome challenges and reach your own personal, academic, and career goals. For more information visit, the CliftonStrengths for Students-StrengthsQuest website.

Take a Quick Quiz

Take a short interest assessment.

Holland's Theory of Career Choice

O'Net Interest Profiler - 10 Minute Inventory which categorizes your interests into 6 basic areas and gives you suggested careers to explore