The advanced degree you are pursuing at Purdue University can set you up to succeed in a variety of careers. Whether you are working towards a Master’s or a doctoral degree, use the CCO’s services for your professional development and career planning.

We will work with you at any point in your graduate program though we encourage you to start sooner rather than later. And, we will continue to work with you after you graduate! Check our Alumni page for details.

Wondering what the CCO can help you with? What other students make appointments for? [Note: our one-on-one appointments are confidential.] The quick answer is that the CCO will work with you on anything career-related. More specifically, we offer appointments, workshops and digital resources that will help you:

  • identify your interests, skills and values: for example: I’m unsure about what I want to do after graduate school. How could I decide?
  • explore careers: for example: I know what I’m good at; who out there will hire me to do this? Which sector might be a good fit? Academia? Industry? Non-profit? Government?
  • connect with employers: for example: how do I meet employers? How do I attend a career fair?
  • review your application materials: for example: is this how one writes a cover letter? Will you review my teaching philosophy? How is a federal resume different from an industry resume?
  • network effectively: for example: how to find industry contacts? What are some appropriate questions for networking conversations?
  • prepare for interviews: for example: what should I expect during an interview? Can we brainstorm how I might answer these questions?
  • negotiate successfully; for example: how do I negotiate? What can I ask for? Will they rescind the offer if I negotiate?
  • develop professional skills while in graduate school; for example: what ‘core competencies’ do employers typically look for? How can I develop them or market them if I have them?
  • and, plan your career. For example: where do I begin? What are my next steps? Which decisions can I postpone?

Make a “PhD Student Career Planning” appointment via BoilerConnect to get started! Please also check the CCO calendar for the workshops we offer on foundational career skills each semester, employer-hosted events, and career fairs.

For any questions or clarifications, email

The CCO conducts an annual survey of all graduating students; please share your post-graduation plans with us here! [link to FDS] Your information remains completely anonymous and populates our Data Dashboard.