Explore the social media platforms below to figure out how you can effectively display your PERSONAL BRAND and impress potential employers.  


Learn how to build a profile, network and search for opportunities at LinkedIn for Students if you’re just getting started. 

  • Build your profile by including all of your resume content.  According to LinkedIn, members with complete profiles are 40x MORE LIKELY to receive opportunities! 
  • Incorporate your personal brand by creating a catchy headline, relevant keywords, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Use a profile picture that shows professionalism. 
  • Join GROUPS relevant to your field and contribute to the conversation.
  • Reach out to alumni who are at companies you’d like to work for or are in fields that interest you to see if they would be willing to provide advice.
  • Follow COMPANY PAGES and get up-to-date info on the companies you’re applying to. You will IMPRESS them in the interview when they see you’ve done your research! 
  • Share content related to your field on your profile so employers can see how passionate and up-to-date you are.
  • Take advantage of the Job Search tool for internships and full-time opportunities.

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  • Display your PERSONAL BRAND by creating a creative twitter handle including a combination of your name, unique skills or profession. 
  • Include an appropriate profile picture. 
  • Put a link to your résumé in your bio and don’t tweet anything you don’t want a recruiter to read. 
  • Show knowledge and interest in your field by tweeting and retweeting links to relevant articles and jobs.
  • Gain INFORMATION about your field by following industries, organizations and prominent employees. 
  • Re-tweet, reply and direct message to establish connections.
  • Use hashtags to your advantage by searching hashtags related to your industry. Remember to save your promising searches. 
  • Search for JOBS by location, job titles, hashtags or social recruiting resources.