Keep in mind the information below as you consider the job offer. Points from both the internship and full-time sections may be relevant to you.


  1. Is the job description in line with your career aspirations?
  2. Do you feel like you fit into the company culture?
  3. Beyond the internship, do you see a career with this company?
  4. Is the location convenient? Is this a place you would like to live if you accept a full-time offer?
  5. What kind of training/education will you receive?
  6. Is the salary/wage enough to cover your expenses? (Keep in mind: salary/wage is often non-negotiable for internships)


  1. Do you feel like you fit into the company culture?
  2. Do you like the working environment? Is there enough physical space? Is there enough interaction with colleagues and supervisors?
  3. Are there ample opportunities for professional development/promotion?
  4. Is further training offered?
  5. Is continued education assistance offered by the company?
  6. Does this position afford the quality of life you want?
  7. Does this company offer job security?
  8. Is the location convenient?
  9. Is the amount of travel consistent with your desired lifestyle?
  10. Does the company exhibit diversity?
  11. Do you feel that the salary is satisfactory given your qualifications and the industry standard?
  12. Will you enjoy this job?

If you plan on negotiating your salary, head over to the next tab, SALARY NEGOTIATION.