Academic Job Search

Prepare a Research Statement

A research statement is a clear and concise summary of your research and dissertation with a focus on the future direction of your research. Think about how your research and dissertation will fit into your future experience and institution you are applying to.

  • Include a concise discussion of your dissertation, and relate previous research into future projects or related research programs.
  • Express the relevance of your work to larger intellectual interests.
  • Answer the questions, “Why does knowing about ______ matter?” and “What will that project tell them what they don’t already know?”
  • Mention the future direction of your dissertation research and the important and innovative directions your research may take.

Prepare a Teaching Statement

A teaching statement is a personal mission statement for anyone whose assignment is to help others learn.

  • Use any specific instructions in the job posting as a guide.
  • Length: 1-2 pages
  • Use present tense to reflect your experiences and beliefs.
  • Include discipline specific standards when necessary (avoid technical terms).
  • Make your statement unique and set yourself apart from other candidates.
  • Discuss your philosophy of teaching and learning.
  • Describe your approach to teaching.
  • Provide documentation of your effective teaching strategies.