• Explore who you are. Identify your personal interests, skills, values, and what you want out of a career. Check out the Career Decision Making Model for more guidance with this step.
  • Match your skills to needs. Investigate what companies are looking for by reading job descriptions relevant to your field. Establish a list of desirable skills and qualities they want and see if these can be incorporated into your personal brand, resume and cover letter. Check out the Draft a Resume or CV and Build Your Network page for more info.


  • Assemble a list of target companies that match your interests, skills and values.
  • Research each organization and the available career opportunities.
  • Set, track and meet short-term goals, urgent deadlines and small milestones. Every minute counts in the job search process!


  • Conduct informational interviews with various contacts and companies in order to gain insight into your field’s job search process
  • Join professional associations and alumni clubs, and maintain regular contact with those you meet.
  • Utilize social media to connect with professionals in your area of interest. Read blogs or articles in areas that pertain to your field and contribute to the conversation.
  • Ask your network for leads or advice.
  • Talk to you adviser and professors about possible opportunities.
  • Visit the Center for Career Opportunities in Young Hall, Rm 132 for job search tips during Drop-Ins.

Want more advice? View a CareerSpots video.