Career Fairs and Information Sessions

Employers and recruiters visit campus throughout the academic year to recruit and interview students for internships and jobs. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is to create a myCCO account. Check out the CCO Calendar to find out about the upcoming career fairs and information sessions that are happening.  

What to know about Career Fairs? 

Attending a career fair allows you to meet with multiple company representatives in one day. Explore the suggestions below to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Check out the companies that are attending the career fair, and make a list.
  • Research the target companies; Here are some ideas on how to get started: 
  • Dress to impress and make sure you avoid wearing t-shirts, jeans, hats and short skirts.
  • Prepare more than enough copies of your resume.
  • Create and practice your elevator pitch that includes your name, major, when you’re graduating, what position you’re applying for, and a summary of your relevant skills and experience. Keep it conversational, and try to end with a question to engage the recruiter.

  • Talk to the recruiter and show your personality. Maintain eye contact and don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm for the company and position. REMEMBER: recruiters are people too and they were once in the same position you are in now! 
  • Consider asking the recruiter a question.  Some examples include: Are you familiar with my major? What qualifications are you looking for in a candidate? How can I arrange an interview with your organization? What is your application process? When should I begin applying in relation to my graduation date?
  • Ask for the recruiter's business card and write notes about your conversation. 

  • Follow-up with companies within 24 hours to restate interest. Ask questions about the next steps.
  • Consider connecting with them on LinkedIn. 

What To Know About Information Sessions?

Information sessions allow organizations to communicate their brand, mission, and employment opportunities. Attending an information session shows a recruiter you’re interested and gives you the opportunity to learn the basic facts about the company culture and position you’re applying for so you can be better prepared by the time your interview rolls around.

See when companies are coming to campus by logging into myCCO or checking out the CCO Calendar.